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Built-ins, Cabinetry, Furniture , Accessories and Complete Interiors
Designed & Fabricated

At Fine Line Interiors we fabricate what we design which gives our customers endless possibilities. In 2008 we built a 1500 square foot wood shop at Fifth & Colorado Street in Salem, Virginia.  From here we can make almost any thing to bring your renovation into the realm of one of a kind distinction. Giving a unique design the touches it needs to fulfill  your hearts desire.

Let FLI make those dreams come true.


Floor Planning &

Architectural Design

For our Designs we use Chief Architect 3D Design/ Build cad software to insure that we can get it exactly right on the dimensional aspects. We believe that fine design is a matter of balance, flow and simplicity which we achieve by using increments three times more precise than the industry standard. Whether in the shop or on the drafting table the details make our designs look easy as true style always does. As our name implies, holding tight to the line is what makes our work fine!

& Residential

Design and Fabrication

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